Nostalgia on the Fox River

A personal memory that just silently screams Nostalgia.

Although it looks like a Fall photo, I took this one in the Spring of 2015, a week or so after the last frost had melted. 


Cabin on the Fox River – Berlin, WI.

I often get told here in L.A. (not asked), the affirmation “You miss Wisconsin”. And yes, I do miss it, and all of it’s stunning landscapes.


About lindaruggeri

California native, raised in Argentina, lived in Southern Italy, a brief year in Canada and three nature filled years in Wisconsin. My specialties include observing and experiencing the "everyday", constantly questioning what to make of this life, reflecting on the paths chosen, the mistakes, the wise choices, the choices I'm avoiding. Wondering if the roads less traveled are really fulfilling (and if there are any roads less traveled left to explore).
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2 Responses to Nostalgia on the Fox River

  1. hikeminded says:

    Nice! Greetings from the other Berlin 🙂

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